Heartmade Opportunities!


As a non-profit social services organization whose mission is to help disadvantaged individuals and families, Stouh Beirut Association initiated the “Katter Khayrak” project which aims to support local farmers and families who earn their living from home-made “mouneh” (or pantry) products.

Stouh Beirut association buys and resells all household items prepared by Lebanese housewives. Therefore, on the one hand, we help families by purchasing their products and on the other hand, we finance the charitable projects that our association works on, where all sales profits from this project are redirected to finance the needs of other families we’re taking care of.

Besides “Mouneh Products” our association is working on buying and reselling handmade artisanal crochet, following the same concept used for the “Mouneh products”.


Welcome to Katter Khayrak

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